Company Information

We want to deliver delicious horse sashimi to everyone on a consistent basis."

With this passion, he travels around the world.

Corporate Philosophy

  • Instead of being the biggest company, be the best company.

    The best company is one that continues to provide safe and secure products to its customers, while observing and balancing laws and regulations, and developing in perpetuity.

  • The purpose of corporate management is the perpetual maintenance and development of the company itself.
    We will secure appropriate profits, improve the lives and welfare of our employees, and promote creative management with the aim of becoming a global company with the mission of creating a corporate environment in which people can live and work with fulfillment and contribute to society.

  • Sincerity is the way of the man.
    Harmony is strength. Believe in each other and be united.
    Courtesy is beauty. Appreciation and respect for one another.
    Creativity is progress. Always be inventive and improve.
    Courage is the source of motivation.

  • Positive Consistency

Food Safety Policy

  • Basic Philosophy

    Taisei has established a food safety policy based on its management philosophy, "Be the best company rather than the biggest company," and is committed to maintaining, improving, and improving food safety on an ongoing basis, and all employees will work to raise food safety awareness and take proactive steps to continue providing safe and reliable products that customers demand.

  • guidelines for action


    We provide our customers with a stable supply of high-quality, safe and reliable food products.


    We will comply with all relevant laws, regulations, and regulatory requirements, as well as requirements for providing safe food products.


    We will periodically review and continuously improve our food safety management system to ensure that it is functioning effectively.


    We will ensure that all employees are aware of our food safety policy and manage the operation to maintain it through education and training.


    In order to always be a reliable company, we will enhance communication within the company and with the food chain, and provide accurate information on food safety.


    Minoru Tanaka, President and Representative Director