Producers' Voices

Greetings from the Producers


Polish horse meat for Taisei is slaughtered, deboned, and vacuumed in a single HACCP-certified factory.
Each horse is inspected by wiping at the production plant in Poland, and only raw materials that meet the standards are shipped. The breed is "Polish Draft Breed. We carefully select only heavy stallions whose live horses weigh between 700 and 1,000 kg. Because the horses are fattened slowly over a long period of time, we are able to provide you with horse meat that is firm and deep in flavor as it should be.


Horses for Sakura Kobo are finished on grain and natural grass.
We place the utmost importance on hygiene control, and each horse is rigorously inspected at our HACCP-certified plant by inspectors dispatched by the Canadian Department of Agriculture to ensure the highest level of hygiene control. It is our hope that our customers can enjoy this safe and healthy quality to the fullest.


We mainly produce healthy horses that are allowed to freely graze on grasslands to avoid stress as much as possible.
We mainly deal with light stallions weighing 500 to 600 kg, and deliver mainly lean meat, which is the best taste of horse meat.