We have been dedicated to horse sashimi for 50 years.

Our belief is "to provide our customers with the world's most delicious, safe and secure horse meat.
As we celebrate 50 years since our establishment, we at Taisei take pride and responsibility in our own brand, "Sakura Kobo",
As horse meat professionals, we will continue to strive to deliver better products to our customers.

We are grateful for the blessings of the earth.
We hope you will enjoy our delicious and safe horse meat.

Better products, easier to find.

The raw materials for Sakura Kobo's horse sashimi are mainly from Poland and Canada.
Among them, we are able to obtain an abundance of rare parts from Polish heavy breed horses.
Through the development of our production system, we strive to ensure a safe supply and stable prices for all grades, from marbling to lean meat.

Thorough quality control and hygiene management

Taisei's horse meat for raw consumption is processed in accordance with the sanitary standards for edible products (H10.9.11).
In addition, all raw edible food products are controlled for safety by Lot.
The expiration date and processor are clearly indicated, and in the unlikely event of an accident, the production status and inspection results can be investigated.